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Incredible hacks and skills every parent ought to know. Alright, fellow parents. Are you ready to discover the best parenting skills that will change your life? Today we bring you some easy and incredible hacks that will improve your routine and help you avoid minor problems you encounter. - If your little ones keep asking for candy instead of fruit. Take something small - like grapes, wrap them in candy wrap and then give it to them. - If you’re doing some housework and you also want to keep an eye on your little one, use your phone to monitor them through your watch. - Another brilliant trick is to create a fantastic entertaining game for your kids. One of them is the hippo mouth. You need to glue on tiny pieces of marshmallow as the hippo’s teeth, then add little pieces of paper as the “food” that got stuck in the teeth and teach your kid to remove it. This way, they’ll also learn about oral hygiene. Timestamps: 0:58 - How to stop people from touching your pregnant belly 2:40 - Edible DIY pencils/crayons 4:50 - Brilliant DIY instrument decorations for your kid’s shirt 8:01 - Mini erasable DIY whiteboard - drawing guide for kids 9:52 - A brilliant painting technique for kids
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  • Kindly Pink
    Kindly PinkPřed 3 dny

    ah yes! a way to teach your kid that all crayons are good to eat! thanks! (also does that kid look like a foot? 🤣 1:30)

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    Luz Yareni Hernandez AcostaPřed 13 dny

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    Bokogu ;3Před 13 dny

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    Angela MorrisPřed 16 dny

    I just wanna express my gratitude to Dr Alaho Olu on CSmy for curing my HSV 1&2. God will bless you....

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    Kali RiznykPřed 17 dny

    wow so right.😔😔

  • RareCurly Aj
    RareCurly AjPřed 18 dny

    4:28 kid: eats marshmallows Me: yay more sugar I have to scrub out of her teeth..

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  • Ice Bot
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    #• Call_Me_Yuushi •#Před 29 dny

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